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2024 Sale
Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Monument, Kansas

Preview of our upcoming selection.

HCR Swagger 3158 PLD

Deep bodied bull with Top 6% numbers for WW, YW, Milk and TM.

HCR Parthenon 3125 PLD

Heavy muscled, stout made son of Centurion.

Top 1% for WW, YW, SC & TSI.

HCR Swagger 3228 PLD

Eye appealing son of the Canadian bred Triumph with WW, YW & TSI all in the top 8%.

HCR Pacesetter 3100 Pld

Extra long bodied bull that is GREEN across the board on every trait.

Below is our 2023 Catalog. 2024 Catalog will be coming soon!

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